Our Team

The entire team of specialized experts is ready guid you

Meet Our Experts

The entire team of specialized experts is ready guid you

Praveen Pyati

CEO and founder – Our main maestro at Borangi Digital. Is the genius who founded it all. He’s the reason our workdays have more magic than Mondays!

Eshwar Goudanaikar

Eshwar, Content manager. Our Editing Extraordinaire, Turns words into magic. He’s the secret sauce behind our snazzy content! – 

Vinod Kumar Kulkarni

“Meet our talented graphic designer, Vinod Kumar! With a passion for creativity and an eye for detail, Vinod brings our brand to life through stunning visuals and innovative designs. 

Priyanshu Dhanadiya

Priyanshu Dhanadiya, Our website Developer. Turns code into web wonders. He’s the reason our websites are cooler than the other side of the pillow!

Shreya N.R.

“Meet our dedicated project manager, Shreya! With a knack for organization and a passion for efficiency, Shreya ensures that every project runs smoothly from start to finish. From coordinating timelines to managing resources, Shreya keeps everything on track so that we can deliver top-quality products and services to our customers. 

Clevin P

 The maestro behind the lens at Borangi Digital. He transforms videos with the finesse of a film wizard, making our content blockbuster-worthy!

Rohit Kalal

“Meet our creative social media manager, Rohit! With a passion for storytelling and a keen understanding of digital trends, Rohit brings our brand to life across social platforms. From crafting engaging posts to building meaningful connections with our audience, Rohit knows how to spark conversations and drive engagement. 

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What We Do

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UI/UX Designer

Our designs are not only visually stunning but also user-friendly, ensuring a seamless experience across all devices. With Borangi’s web design services, you’re not just getting a website; you’re getting a digital extension of your brand.

UI/UX Designer
Web Developer

In today’s fast-paced world, mobile apps are essential for reaching your audience on the go. Borangi’s development team specializes in creating customized mobile app solutions that align with your business goals.

Web Developer

Online shopping is more than a trend; it’s a necessity. Borangi’s eCommerce solutions provide seamless online shopping experiences that delight customers and drive sales.


Marketing is the heartbeat of any successful business, and at Borangi, we make sure your pulse is strong. Our strategic marketing services are tailored to amplify your online presence

Photo & Videography

Visual storytelling is at the core of modern branding, and Borangi’s photo and videography services are here to capture your brand’s essence. Our talented visual artists create stunning visuals 

Photo & Videography

My Portfolio

Elevating brands through strategic digital marketing for impactful online presence.

What My Clients Says

What our clients say about us 

Borangi Digital Marketing delivers results! Increased my online visibility significantly. Highly satisfied

Nikhil Shetty
CEO & Founder, Kenstone Capital

Outstanding team! Borangi’s strategies have boosted my business. A definite recommendation

Anil Puvvadi
Co-Founder, Seattle Kannada Sangha

Impressive results! Borangi Digital Marketing knows their stuff. Very pleased with their services.

Arpita C
Founder. Appyfeet Dance Academy

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